The Last Half-Hour

It is very easy to overlook the last half-hour of the day, but it is actually one of the most important windows of opportunity for making your dreams a reality.

While you sleep, your subconcious mind goes to work and processes the information that you fill it with just before you go to bed.

Many people spend the final half-hour of their day watching TV in an attempt to relax. Unfortunately, most television executives seem to think that the best thing we can watch just before we sleep are graphic images of violence and murder.

The question is, do you want your subconcious mind to be processing these disturbing images all night long?

The last half-hour of the day is an opportunity to give your subconcious mind ‘homework’ to complete while you are asleep.

The best way to use this opportunity is to find a quiet spot and and spend a few minutes reviewing your written goals. Next, plan the following day and write down what you need to do in your diary or planner.

This will also help you get to sleep because once you’ve written it down, you can just let it go and stop thinking about things. Finally spend a few minutes reading or listening to something inspirational.

When you finish your day in this way, you will find that you often wake up with new ideas and insights that your subconcious mind discovers while you are sleeping.

This Week’s Action Steps:

(1) Set aside the last half-hour of each day to program your subconcious mind for success

(2) Review and visualise your goals

(3) Plan the following day in your diary

(4) Read a few pages of an inspirational book

Until next time,

Dare to Dream!


A New Perspective

Sometimes a simple change of perspective can make all the difference. It can be like the dawn of a new day.

In response to the challenges life brings us, it’s easy to sometimes view the world from a perspective of survival. From this perspective we often examine situations and ask ourselves, "What can I get from this? What can I take? What can I gain?". This perspective is illustrated by the following picture:

One of the most powerful secrets for achieving success is to change this perspective and instead, examine the world from a perspective of contribution. Change the questions you ask yourself and instead of asking, "What can I get? What can I take? What can I gain?" ask, "What can I give? What can I share? What can I contribute?"

The most amazing thing about this change of perspective is that the more you contribute to the lives of others, the more you will receive in return.

For example if you run a business, instead of focusing on "making a sale", change your focus to "helping your customers and making a positive contribution to their life". When you do this, your customers will sense your genuine desire to help them and as a result you will gain more sales.

This Week’s Action Steps:

(1) In every situation ask yourself, "What can I give? What can I share? What can I contribute?"

(2) Make a contribution to others and enjoy the benefits life sends you in return.

Until next time,

Dare To Dream!


Silence Your Major Critic

Imagine what would happen if you walked up to your best friend, looked them square in the eye and said, "You are stupid, fat and ugly!".

Chances are your friend would be deeply hurt by your words. In reality you would never do this because you value and care about your friend too much. However, this is often exactly what we do to ourselves on a daily basis.

We look into the mirror in the morning and think, "You look terrible!". Throughout the day our internal self critic is continually yelling at us,

"You Idiot"
"You have no self control!"
"You’re Useless"
"Can’t you do anything right?"

Often the things we say to ourself are far worse than anything we would ever say to anyone else! An important part of achieving success in life is developing a positive self-image and a strong sense of self-esteem.

A great way to do this is to create an "I AM" board. Here’s how it works…

Find a quiet spot, sit down with a pen and paper and write down the things you see as your best qualities. This may be difficult at first because we are often not used to thinking positively about ourselves.

If you are stuck, think about the different roles you have in life eg. Mother, sister, friend etc. Also include your talents and the things you enjoy doing. Your finished "I AM" board should look something like this:

When you finish your "I AM" board, put it somewhere you will see it regularly like next to your bathroom mirror or on the back of the bathroom door.

As you read your "I AM" statement each morning, you will find that your inner self-critic will begin to lose his or her voice. Your self-image will steadily improve and you will gain more confidence to go after your dreams.

This Week’s Action Steps

(1) Find a quiet spot and at the top of a blank sheet of paper write, "I AM"

(2) Write down a list of your best attributes and character traits

(3) Put your "I AM" board somewhere you will see it regularly and read it everyday

(4) Be aware of your inner self-critic and everytime you hear his or her voice, reject the negative thought and focus on who you really are.

Until Next Time,

Dare To Dream!


Believe In Yourself

Have you ever backed away from doing something because you were worried about what other people might think or say?

It’s easy to spend a great deal of time and emotional energy worrying about what others think, but the reality is that people don’t think or talk about you anywhere nearly as much as you imagine because they are simply too busy thinking about themselves and their own problems.

You can often gain a great deal of energy and focus simply by forgetting about what everyone else ‘might’ be thinking and concentrating on what you want.

Trying to please everyone is a recipe for disaster, so make the decision today to stop worrying about what the collective ‘they’ might think about your plans and be true to yourself. Don’t let anyone steal your dream.  It’s your dream, not theirs.

This Week’s Action Steps:

1. Stop spending time and energy worrying about what others might be thinking about you or your plans.

2. Focus your thoughts and energy on what you want and continue to make your dreams a reality.

Until Next Time,

Dare To Dream!