How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed

When you are working towards your major goals, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you need to do in order to achieve your objectives.

One of the best ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed is to start each day by reviewing your goals and asking this simple but powerful question:

For each of your goals, the answer to this question must be a single action step. W herever you are in the process of achieving a particular goal, the next step is the only one that really matters.

For example, imagine that your three major goals were:

(1) Lose 20 lbs
(2) Get a Promotion
(3) Find your life partner

When you consider each of these goals you can probably come up with a long list of things you would need to do to achieve each goal. For example:

When all of these ‘To Do’ items are swimming around in your head at the same time it is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed.

If on the other hand, you review your goals and ask, "What is the Next Step?" you will come up with a single action point for each of your goals. For example:

You can then combine these ‘Next Steps’ to create your daily to do list:

In this way you will be progressively working towards achieving your most important life goals without becoming overwhelmed.

This Week’s Action Steps:

(1) Review your goals.

(2) For each of your goals, ask yourself the question, "What is the Next Step?"

(3) Stop trying to mentally juggle everything you need to get done and focus entirely on your ‘next steps’ until they are complete.

Until next time,

Dare To Dream!