10 Tips For Dealing With Stress

As you work towards making your goals a reality, you will most likely have to deal with a certain amount of stress.

A useful way to think of stress is to imagine a beaker sitting on top of a tripod.

Your ability to handle stress depends on the quality of the three legs of your support tripod.
These legs are:

1. Sleep
2. Food
3. Exercise

If all three legs of your tripod are strong, you will be well equiped to cope with the stress that life brings your way. However, if you neglect any one of these legs, your overall capacity for dealing with stress will be affected.

If one of your support legs becomes too week, your tripod can collapse. This often leads to illness which is your body’s way of forcing you to rest and recover.

Here are ten tips for dealing with stress and maintaining a strong support base:

Ten Tips For Dealing With Stress

(1) If you know there’s a chance you might be working late, pack some fruit, nuts and yoghurt as alternatives to unhealthy snacks.

(2) Keep a bottle of water with you during the day and drink regularly to make sure you don’t get dehydrated.

(3) Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes if appropriate to your workplace.

(4) Go for a brisk walk at lunchtime. The exercise and change of environment will help keep you fresh.

(5) Have a good stretch.

(6) Talk with those around you and if possible have a good laugh. It’s amazing how a shared laugh can reduce stress and tension.

(7) When you get a break, make the most of it by doing something special such as a getting a massage.

(8) Avoid drugs, caffine and alcohol. These can mask stress but don’t help you deal with the real problem.

(9) Before you go to sleep, prepare for the following day by writing down a To Do list. Once you have thought about everything you have to do and got it down on paper you can forget about it and go to sleep. This will help you avoid the endless tossing and turning that often occurs when you are unable to stop thinking about what you need to do.

(10) Ask for help early rather than trying to ‘soldier on’ by yourself.

This Week’s Action Steps:

Be aware of your support tripod and the next time you are faced with a stressful situation, follow the ten tips above to help keep your support base strong.

Until next time,

Dare To Dream!