The Book Of Life

Like many people, I took a year off after high school before starting University. In addition to travelling overseas, I hoped my gap year would give me a chance to ‘find myself’. The only problem was, I didn’t actually find anything.

I spent the next few years trying to discover what I was ‘meant to do’ and then it finally hit me… And this realisation quite literally changed my life…

Let me explain.

Many people see life as a book that they are reading. Each day they turn a page to discover what happens next in their life story.

Today I’d like to challenge you to reject this passive view of life and instead see your life as a book that you are in the process of writing. That’s right – YOU are the author.

The pen is in your hand and the pages ahead are blank, just waiting for you to create your story.

The chapters that have made up your story to the present point have no impact whatsoever on the chapters still to be written.

What will the next chapter of your life contain? Will it contain adventure, action, romance?
It is up to YOU to decide.

If you ever get bogged down trying to ‘find yourself’ or ‘discover your purpose in life’, consider this – God (Or the Universal Mind if you prefer) has given each of us the freedom to create our lives in any way we desire. We truly have the freedom to write our own stories.

If you are faced with a major setback, YOU have to decide whether your story will be a story of perserverence and triumph or a story of submission and failure.

YOU decide.

This Week’s Action Steps:

Make the decision to stop trying to find yourself or discover your path in life. Instead, see your life as a book that you are in the process of writing. As the author of your life DECIDE what you want to see happen in the next chapter of your life and make it happen.

Until next time,

 Dare To Dream!