Hidden Attachments

Every time you communicate with another person you send a hidden attachment with your message. Whether you are using e-mail, sending an SMS, writing a letter, or using the phone, this hidden attachment is always present.

So what is this mysterious invisible attachment?


Everytime you communicate with another person you send them a hidden attachment of energy. This energy can take many different forms. It can be a positive, loving, caring, supportive or uplifting energy attachment. Or alternatively it can be a negative, cynical, angry or impatient energy attachment.

Let me give you a real-world example:

Several weeks ago I ordered a product from one of my favourite authors. After waiting for the product for a month I thought I should send an e-mail to check on my order.

Now I could have (but didn’t) send the following e-mail:


Dear Sir/Madam

I ordered a copy of your product XYZ over four weeks ago and still have not received my CDs. My order number is 1234736. Could you please ensure that my order is processed ASAP.




Can you tell that the above e-mail has an invisible attachment of negative energy?

Here is the e-mail I actually sent:



I just thought I’d contact you as I have not yet received my product XYZ.

I understand that it might take a little while to reach Australia but I thought I’d better e-mail you just in case my order has slipped through the cracks.

If you could please check on the progress of my order and let me know when I can expect the CDs that would be great!

BTW – below is my order confirmation e-mail which includes my order ID etc.




As you can see, the second e-mail achieves the same result but this time delivers an invisible attachment of positive energy.

Action Steps:

This week, before you write your e-mails or pick up the phone, think about what sort of energy attachment you want to send to the person you are about to communicate with.

Also, examine the messages you receive from others to see if you can detect the invisible energy attachments that they are sending you!

Until next time,

Dare To Dream!